Our Development Team goes the extra mile to deliver awesome Business and Technology Solutions to our new and existing Clients. The Development Team includes our Developers, Business Analyst/Product Owner, Tester, Designer, and Project Manager. They conduct “Static Review” on the Functional Specifications or Users Stories and Designs before they start Business and technology Solutions for our Clients.

They collaborate and collectively review each Functionality and Features of the Business Application and ensure defects are removed or gaps are spotted from the Functional Specifications or Users Stories from the early stage of the application before they start development. Also, they decide and adopt the best methodology to use for the Development of any Business Application Under Development. 

Once the Development team is satisfied with the Functional Specifications or Users stories and the designs, they start the development of each Functionality or Features of the Business Applications, and they push Builds into the Test Environment for the Testing Team to execute “Build or Component Testing” on builds. 

More so, once all the builds are developed and tested. Our Developers start integration, and our Testers start the following testing Phases.

  1. Integration Testing
  2. Regression Testing
  3.  System Testing
  4.  End-to End Testing
  5.  Alpha Users Acceptance Testing
  6. Beta Users Acceptance Testing 
  7. Live/Production Testing