We fully understand the importance of Requirements documentation in business applications development. That is why we give our documentation utmost attention to details in order to deliver perfect business and technology solutions to our existing and prospective clients. 

Our Business Analyst or Product Owner gathers your Business or Project Requirements/User Stories and document them into Functional Specifications or User Stories depending on the Methodology to be used (either Agile, Waterfall, V.Model, or Rapid Application Development) by the Project Team.   

We ensure our Business Analyst or Product Owner gathers all the Requirements Conditions and Acceptance Criteria from the beginning of the project. This helps us to deliver perfect Business and technology Solutions effectively, timely, and value for money to our clients. 

Furthermore, our Requirements Documentation for existing and new project covers the followings:

  1. Compliance with Government Laws and Regulations
  2. Hardware & Software Integration
  3. Internal & External Control
  4. Security 
  5. Clients/Customers Relationship Management
  6. Stakeholders controls
  7. Payment etc.

Once the Documentation is completed, our Business Analyst or Product Owner uploads the Functional Specifications or Users Stories and all the conditions or Acceptance Criteria into our Application Life Management Tool for our Development Team and priority for the Development to deliver the project effectively and on time.